Let's Kiss! With I Want Chu Lip Balms

July 10, 2017

Cute has been elevated to the max with the I Want Chu Lip Balms. Putting a fun spin on your summer lip balm, Holika Holika packaged two tubes: one for “him” and one for “her”, with two different flavors in each super cute package. Although they are cutie cute, the flavors are quite nice and to be honest, you can be selfish and decide to keep both lip balms for yourself! 


With wedding season in full swing, the I Want Chu Lip Balms are perfect to include as a gift or in that sassy bridal gift basket. Both the Strawberry Yogurt Kiss and Mojito Kiss Lip Balms are meant to be fun and lighthearted! One lip balm has mustaches on the lip and the other has lips, indicating which flavor is for you and your special someone. Each balm is flavored: 

Strawberry Yogurt Kiss: Strawberry flavor with a slight tint & Yogurt flavor
Mojito Kiss: Mint & Lemon


The flavors are mixed through kissing someone, which is clever and a fun twist...and also a great way to tell someone - let’s kiss! All you need to do is apply as you normally would and then find someone else to apply the other flavor and kiss!

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