Welcome to Seoul Sisters 

Welcome to Seoul Sisters 

Seoul Sisters was founded in 2012 as a tour and travel service for adult adoptees and their loved ones. Through our many travels to Korea, we fell in love with its culture, history, and unique fashion. When we returned from work trips, we would be asked, "where did you get those shoes? Where did you get your jacket? What lipstick are you wearing?" Our answer would always be the same, "Korea." 

A year after Seoul Sisters Tour & Travel was founded, we opened our first Seoul Sisters Boutique in Traverse City, Michigan in memory of a sister who passed away unexpectedly. The journey of the boutique continued and we eventually moved to Corvallis, Oregon and our boutique expanded into Korean beauty skin care, Korean beauty products, and retro style and vintage inspired women's clothing.

Our story is one of resilience, strength, and passion.  Seoul Sisters Tour & Travel, Seoul Sisters Boutique, and Seoul Sisters Korean Beauty gives us the opportunity share a little bit of our Seoul with your soul. 

Thank you for supporting our love of Korean fashion, Korean beauty, and our birth country.

Your Seoul Sisters

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